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Collaborating at Work

Über uns

EasyPlan Hospitality GmbH is a young, innovative start-up that has set itself the goal of facilitating HR administration in the catering, hotel, care and facility management sectors. Our main concern is to take work off the hands of both employees and employers through automated workflows, so that they can concentrate on the essentials again and have more time for people.

Founded in early 2023 by a team of well-connected and experienced hoteliers and talented software developers, we bring together specialist knowledge and technological expertise in a unique combination. Through our deep understanding of the needs and challenges in the industry, we have developed an innovative solution tailored to the specific needs of hospitality, catering, care and facility management.

Easyplan offers user-friendly and networked tools that help you to make your HR processes more efficient. From contract management to time tracking and work scheduling, EasyPlan Hospitality helps you automate time-consuming tasks and enables you to get detailed reports on employees and business metrics.

We understand that people are at the heart of every successful organisation, especially in the industries mentioned. That's why we focus on optimising staff-related processes to create more time for interpersonal contact. With Easyplan, you can be confident that you are using the best tools and solutions to simplify your HR administration and keep your employees happy and motivated.


Who we are

Christian Nat


Absolvent der renommierten IE Business School (Executive MBA-Abschluss als bester Student). Christian Nat hat einen grossen Teil seiner Karriere in der Technologiebranche verbracht, wo er als Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in verschiedenen Softwareunternehmen tätig war, komplexe Projekte leitete und Innovationen in Teams förderte. 2023 gründete er die Easyplan Hospitality GmbH.

Sven Schnyder

Head of Sales

Violetta Keller

Relationship Management

Tobias Imbach

PR & Product Management

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